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New Growth


There are a number of different ways you can donate and make a real difference in the future of Living Water Village Home of Hope and Healing. If you, or your company/ business/ trust/ foundation, would like to make a contribution and require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Fundraising: Programs

Direct Deposit via Internet Banking

We gratefully accept donations to our bank account below;

Account Name: Living Water Village, 

Home of Hope and Healing

Bank Name: First National Bank Namibia

Account Number: 6227 463 3934

Branch code: 280 472


Please e-mail your payment confirmation and contact details to so that we can correctly match your donation to you.

Online Payments

Easy, Safe and Secure

We have setup a secure, online payment method that makes is easy and convenient for anyone to support our cause. YOU can help us to make a difference in the lives of disabled Namibians right now! 

Whether you have a PayPal account or prefer to use your debit or credit card, the link below will allow you to support is in just a few easy steps.

The Green Leaf Club

Become a member of our esteemed club of monthly sponsors who bring in a steady income for our daily operations and future expansion

Although once-off donations are much appreciated and crucial for the survival of our project, our research on long-term income opportunities have provided valuable information and convenient solutions that proved successful for various other non-profit organizations.

Our Green Leaf Club was specifically created to cater for sponsors who wish to make regular donations towards our project.

Bequest or Legacy

You can consider a bequest or legacy of love by including Living Water Village in your Last Will or Testament

When thinking about our final wishes and the legacies we hope to leave behind one day, the lasting impression on our loved ones is usually one of our most important considerations.

Your Last Will and Testament can be a unique and very special way of continuing your support to charitable organizations which you  believe in. Gifts of legacy will allow our Home of Hope and Healing to continue housing persons with disabilities while helping them to become independent and active members of society.

Goods and Services

In-kind donations are just as appreciated as financial contributions, and we will gratefully accept any items in support of our current operations.

Our most important needs are grouped into three categories namely Construction and Maintenance, Vehicles and Miscellaneous. By following the link below you can download our latest Donation List.

Back A Buddy

BackaBuddy is an online fundraising platform that is designed to help individuals and organisations raise funds for causes they are passionate about.

We are currently trusting for funds to support our marketing campaign. Money raised from our BackaBuddy initiate will be used for printing as well as online advertising.

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